Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Is Rogers Park Being Oppressed By A Police State?

According to ORP (Occupy Rogers Park) and the author of the Prison Culture blog Rogers Park is under the thumb of an abusive Police State. This police state has decided to watch over Howard Street. The scene of many a shooting and a few murders. Since this "terrible" and "tyrannical" occupation the shootings and violence have continued but have lessened.

A peace demonstration is an event that everyone can relate to. Even cooler to hold one on the shortest day of the year aka the Winter Solstice. The police have parked at Howard and Ashland day in and day out regardless of any planned demonstration. (Imagine the above picture for the past six months straight devoid of any demonstration with the same Cop SUV car parked at the same spot. If you really want to know what a police state is like read Flow My Tears The Policeman Said by Philip K. Dick) The cops have been watching that specific intersection ever since the daytime murder of Blake Lamb.

The following quote is from the Prison Culture blog.
As we stood vigil, there were at least three police cars keeping watch. The irony was not lost on any of us. We are trying to imagine peace in the shadow of the police state. It was a good reminder of the challenge that we face and stiffened our spines for the ongoing struggle against all forms of violence (structural & interpersonal)
Apparently the demonstrators see the police as an enemy. How is it ironic for a planned peaceful exhibition where violence is rampant to then find some of Chicago's finest safeguarding the area?

Occupy Rogers Park was pulled from Chevanston's Twitter Feed after they retweeted a picture entitled "All Cops Are Bastards". Couldn't find the exact tweet but they retweeted this lovely picture in July (seen below); "To Serve And Protect The Ruling Class" with the hashtag ACAB short for "All Cops Are Bastards".

The police weren't there on December 21st to oppress Occupy Rogers Park or the Overpass Light Brigade. They were just there doing their job. Protecting the ruling class, the lower class, the middle class and those with no class from "interpersonal" violence.

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