Friday, December 20, 2013

South Boulevard "L" Stop

Starting in 2011 the CTA started hanging up vintage pictures at various stops. It began when a phone bank was removed from a station downtown. Something had to be done to mitigate the resulting blank wall. The above photograph (one of three on display on site at South BLVD) was taken soon after station opened in 1931.

This station was one of the stops the CTA considered shutting down in 2011.  Compared to most "L" stops in the city or Evanston the area is pretty dead (in large part this is due to the large cemetery nearby). This is slowly changing however. The new nearby green Walgreens opened a few months ago. Hoosier Mama and Dollop Coffee on Chicago Ave is brand new and just to the north of Walgreens (but closer to the Main Street stop).

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