Thursday, March 27, 2014

Good News For Jarvis And Ashland

Warmer weather brings gun toters out of the woodwork. On March 25th this past Tuesday night at approx 830 pm someone was shot in the leg near the Jarvis Ashland intersection.  Cops have been patrolling the Ashland corridor north and south of Jarvis the past few nights.

The shooting has neighbors on edge in this sector of Jargowood. One neighbor with the monicker Modern Gypsie emailed to Chevanston, "Phil, Do you know anything about the shooting in front of V-Tone last night? Too many, too close to homeAnswer - nope.

Modern Gypsie "as the temperature starts to warm up - I'm sure the trouble spots will pick up.  Been a frustrating year - last 4th of July with the shooting on Paulina - later the one on Greenview - and now this one on Ashland in front of V-Tone. " Answer - agreed, hope this is a better summer.

But the warm weather is also when long over due projects begin. This alley-less house has sat vacant for several years.  A dumpster was dropped into place sometime in the past 24 hours. It looks as though someone is going to fix up this century year old stucco home. Now people really can't be blocking the driveway.

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