Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bulkhead Canada

Last month this unlikely import from Thunder Bay, Ontario had its grand opening in Rogers Park. And its been getting nothing but rave reviews.

Bulkhead Canada opened its first outpost in the harbor of Thunder Bay back in 2011. The proprietor Daniel Gagnon built the first restaurant out of steel plates from old ships. Before that he ran a poutine stand out of an abandoned boat he had towed onto his front yard.

Hailing from Trois Rivieres, Quebec Daniel wanted to share his mother's recipe for poutine with the world. Poutine is french fries and cheese curds covered in a thin brown gravy. Its sold in all the major fast food chains in Canada, like McDonalds and Burger King. Mr Gagnon's restaurant however delivers the real deal.

The restaurant's most popular special is the "No Moosesh!t special". For six bucks you get a salmon jerky taco, a shot of rye whiskey and a bottle of Kokanee beer.

For appetizers butter tarts, perogy, and ketchup chips.

For his Rogers Park restaurant (at 1406 W. Morse) he imported a small Canadian battleship. It was hoisted onto the roof of the former dollar store in early January during the polar vortex. "This type of weather really makes me feel at home.", Daniel Gagnon told reporters at the big event.

Canadian sports and road signs make local and visiting Canucks feel less homesick.

Daniel Gagnon has also branched out into French-Canadian cuisine. Toutieres (meat pie), pate chinois (similar to sheperd pie), baked beans, pea soup are just a sample. For desert maple syrup dumplings and St Catherine's taffy.

The food and drink is reasonably priced, but it is cash only.

Bulkhead Canada was named best new restaurant in 2011 by enRoute magazine.

If you haven't stopped by yet you really don't know what your missing.

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