Monday, March 17, 2014

Shiviti Drum Circle

Al Goldberg has been involved in the local Shiviti Drum Circle scene for sometime.

Shiviti is a sign or plaque with a common religious saying. Its there to help people remember the existence of God. The Shiviti Drum Circle is part of Kabbalah aka Jewish mysticism according to One Pilgrim's Progress.

The members used to meet and play at the Lakeside Cultural Center on Sheridan just north of Glenwood.

This drum circle meets every second Sunday from 1:00 - 2:30 pm @ the new storefront Jewish Temple Beit Yichud 6932 N Glenwood Ave. Click here for more info.

Maybe one day Rogers Park proper will have a synagogue once again. Too bad the one at Pratt and Greenview has been defaced with chalk.


Isadora MoonlightLonetree said...

OMG DRUM CIRCLES!! I'm totes there!

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

This post was written for you Isadora!

Isadora MoonlightLonetree said...

Yeah man. I'm totes gonna toke a bit and hit one of these up. It's been a long winter, yo.