Sunday, March 16, 2014

Electrical Substation - Patrol & Protected By Kates Detective Agency & Security

Kates Detective Agency has been watching over the electrical substation at Farwell and Glenwood ever since the focus turned onto its actual working parts (the inside).

Kates in addition to offering security and detective services has conceal and carry classes. The website states that the classes are only for those with security, law enforcement or military backgrounds. In order to take classes you must bring proof of your past professional experience with firearms. And you can't have been convicted of any violent crime or be a deadbeat parent.

All Instructors are Police Firearm Instructors, Certified by the Illinois State Police

Eligibility & Requirements:

Must be 21+ with valid Firearms Owner ID, Valid State ID or Drivers License
No Felonies
No Misdemeanors involving physical force or the threat of physical force to any person within the last 10 years
No Warrants in-state/ out of state
No UUW (Unlawful Use of Weapon)
No Child Support Restrictions

If you don't have a security background Kates does offer beginners and advanced security classes. Kates also does background checks, business and litigation intelligence gathering, skip traces, etcetera.

HQ @ 7810 S Claremont Chicago, Illinois.

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