Friday, March 14, 2014

Soft Opening @ Peckish Pig

The soft opening was worth the wait. The lighting subdued, the vibe, crowd and music relaxed.

Nobody likes to be told, "Hey buddy no beer tonight. Come back Thursday" (an approximate quote). In the rush to be first heybartender@heybartenderga tweeted on March 11th a picture of a Peckish Pig beer entitled Soft Opening. Crashing an invited guest, friends and family event was slightly embarrassing.

Hit the bar near closing time Thursday night. Just enough time for a beer. One of the barmaids made the rounds soon after. Murmurs of "are you parked on the Evanston side?".... When she came to this writer's side of the bar it became apparent Evanston tows your car after midnight. Which happens to be when Peckish Pig closes.

Strange name for a bar/brewpub/restaurant. The more the names repeated however, the more it sounds like a modern incarnation of an Irish, English or Australian pub.

Not as cool a name as The Slaughtered Lamb in the West Village, but close.

Better than expected. Never dreamt of vsiting a bar with Evanston brewed beer on tap a stones throw from Chicago. Naturally the local draft beer had to be imbibed. Temperance Restless Years tasted great. Can't wait to try Peckish Pig's home brew this spring.

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