Friday, March 21, 2014

All In Good Time

The Howard Streetscape is now complete with the long promised clock tower @ Howard and Greenview. Groundbreaking for the streetscape took place 7/16/2012 almost two years ago.

Every town center big or small is not complete without a nice big clock. Imagine Back To The Future without its clock tower. Hopefully this one will stay accurate. Unlike the office clock at the Howard 'L' stop.

J. Najera posted a photo earlier today (The Time Is Here) on Facebook. Neighbor consensus reveals that the clock was put into place yesterday, the first day of Spring.

Perfect for the pesky passerby asking what time is it. Now we can just point at the huge timepiece.

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Isadora MoonlightLonetree said...

It's nice to see a non racist post about this nice clock.