Monday, March 24, 2014

Cobbler's Shoe Repair

This shoe repair store did a lot more than repair shoes.

Shoe shining, shoe cleaning, soles and heels repaired, dying and refinishing, waterproofing, orthopedic work, shoe and boot stretching, luggage repair, heel lifts, zipper repairs, purses repaired, rips repaired, straps repaired, leather coats and jackets repaired.

In other words a full service shoe repair store. In business since 1921 the future is uncertain for this neighborhood fixture since the proprietor became ill and had to close shop some time last year.

Vintage shoes and purses were also sold here.

Inside a picture of uniformed men marching down the street; underneath  it reads "Chicago Police Honor Guard Dress Shoes Converted to Marching Shoes." wrote a great article just last year about Mr Geroulis.

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Tommy Chipgard said...

Holy shizzles are those CG's pink slippers? He used to wear those when he was dating Bruce Vilanch.