Monday, March 3, 2014

Drug House On Newgard?

When you stroll the neighborhood looking for info on a blog post or story sometimes you run into the unexpected. Walking down Newgard one apartment building's basement unit was a wreck. Snow covered the entire entrance. A neighbor noticed this writer's interest. He joked that maybe the inhabitant was dead, cause its been a pretty rough winter. He was curious to know if the landlord had parking for rent.

The dog walker went on about a particular unit on Newgard. Apparently 6442 N Newgard is home to some drug dealers in the basement unit. At night many cars double park and loiter nearby. He said that the cops don't do anything except tell the cars to move on. The alleged bagmen sit on the porch (in warmer weather) late at night and appear to be high on their "product".

Please continue reading for pics with captions

Snowed in unit on Newgard

Building with snowed in basement unit

Drug dealing den?

Bonus pic - criss cross tire tracks

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