Thursday, March 13, 2014

Attack Of The Rap Promoters

Fourteen posters on the east side of the "L" tracks and between forty and fifty to the west. Odd that a show 33 and a half miles to the south (Markham, Illinois) decided to plaster the border of Chicago and Evanston with ads.

What if Mayne Stage decided to cover Wheaton's downtown with ads thirty five miles away? Even if the singer or band had hometown connections it would be weird.

This time the signs start at Marshfield and end almost at Ridge Road. Some of the signs have already fallen on the ground. Will DLR or Adrianna's or Yo Gotti help take down all these ads?

Last year Villa shoe store (@Gateway shopping mall) gave Howard Street the same stapled cardboard ad treatment announcing an upcoming rap show at the Congress Theatre.

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Organic peregrine terra cotta locally outsourced maple nut crunch said...

Let's rip that stuff down

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Actually it appears that the rap promoters already did.

If they responsibly take down what they put up then its not such a big deal.

Now there is a bone to be picked with those real estate "investors" and those they want to buy homes for cash.

Greg Goondirt said...

Soak them with spray paint and torch them while there wet