Friday, March 7, 2014

Lake Michigan Nears Record Ice Cover

The weather channel recaps one of the coldest winters Chicago has seen. At least since the last ice age. Four degrees below average for December, eight for January and ten for February. It just kept getting colder as the winter wore on.

The silver lining is that you get breath taking vistas like the ones above. TWC states that Lake Michigan at its zenith this year is almost 92 percent covered with ice.

HTR news states that the last time the lake was this frozen was in 1977 when the lake's surface was 93 percent ice. One ice climatologist believes that the ice cover may top 95 percent in the next few days.

".... Lake levels are expected to be a foot higher this year" reports a newscaster for CBS 58 News in Milwaukee.

An ice breaker clears a path for lake traffic (salt shipments have to get through) in the Milwaukee river and the port of Milwaukee. The ice breaker for Milwaukee has been busy this year. Forty days and counting compared to six last year.

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