Monday, March 31, 2014

Billboard 004257 Circa 2073

The net has been offline six months. Electricity is becoming more and more scarce. This entry was written on a dwindling laptop and saved to a flashdrive. Writing for posterity without promise of a future reader.

Few days ago part of the group was ambushed by the railroad gang. Lost a few in the ensuing firefight. At the end one of the dying marauders had a change of heart and gave up valuable intel. We found their hidden cache of weapons and ammo soon after.

Phil decided enough was enough. Using the dead men's uniforms as camouflage him and four of our bravest infiltrated their headquarters at the old S and C. The rest of the team outflanked the scoundrels. They didn't stand a chance.

After defeating the mob the tracks were ours. The last functioning Metra engine is fueled up and ready to go. Why stay in Rogers Park? Think its time to head north and look for brighter horizons in this world with an uncertain future (when was it otherwise?). Have to look for supplies for the big trip. The battery's beeping. Two more minutes and this computer is history.


John Versical said...

Whoa. Trippy dude.

John Versical said...

Love the sci-fi twist. This winter definitely leant itself to some surreal landscapes and imagery.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Yes thanks John. We do have some strange landscape here in the RP.

Will let you know what the lands up north look like next month (haha.) :)