Saturday, April 5, 2014

"Do you know your pharmacist?"

In the past few weeks Devon Morseview shut its doors for the last time. Prescription records have been forwarded to CVS @ 6510 N Sheridan Rd (773)-338-4384. The space is now up for lease. Posted on the front door, " NO BILLS Please go to 2955 w Devon to pay your bill".

The neighborhood pharmacy is the modern day general store. Devon Morseview drugs offered many services unusual for a drugstore. Keys copied, papers copied, utility bill payment center, send or receive faxes, laminate important cards, play lotto, ATM, sugar free candy department (great candy great prices nothing over 1.99), prepaid phone cards, and free delivery for meds.  A neighborhood fax center was a brilliant idea, the number was prominently displayed, 773-743-3057. Nothing on Yelp.

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