Saturday, April 26, 2014

Participatory Budget Vote 2014

Nothing exciting on this years Ward 49 Participatory Budget ballot.It was so dull that hasn't bothered to write it up. One of the coldest winters ever since the last ice age has damaged many city streets. Likely most of the money will go to street, sidewalk repair and street lights.

What's on the list? Fundamental stuff we need.

Under bikes and transit 15 new bus benches. Nothing about a north-south greenway.

Under parks and environment - new water feature for Pott Park, beach path extension at Hartigan Beach, soccer field at Mary Margaret Langdon Park, fence replacement at Willye B.White park, and one indoor drinking fountain (hardly worth listing or mentioning).

Choose four from the seven. Voting started earlier today and will continue until the final election day May 3rd. Maybe the bike path will make it onto next years ballot.

Please continue reading for more pictures and words 

Under Arts and Innovation you have just one project. Replace fifteen year old carpet at the Rogers Park Public Library. One hundred thousand would be better spent putting something in that would not have to be replaced fifteen years from now. Like hardwood floors. That's what they put in libraries in the old days. And they last a lot longer and they can be sanded. Carpets do dampen sound but its pretty quiet there, being a library and all.

The carpet on the first floor is very worn down. Carpet in general doesn't wear well over time. It collects stains, dirt, and water over the years. Tile floor in the library looks great. Why not just install more of this? RP library was packed today. Too bad more funds can't go toward longer hours, more books, more programs or a bigger library. Because the public is definitely using it.

Above is the cut through from Willye B White to the alley that stands in for Ashland avenue. A man sitting on the bench first asked for cigarettes, then money and then if this writer was looking for someone. Nope, just interested in this potential upcoming project. Neighbors on Everyblock have complained of the negative activity going on in this alley. The man on the bench acted as if he was the gatekeeper of the cut through. As far as public safety is concerned this appears to be the most worthwhile and necessary project.

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