Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Wild Ones

Somber depressed mood today at Morse Gyros aka "Ninos". Word on the street is that a shooting was narrowly averted last night. A great restaurant with a checkered past. Nino himself couldn't contend with the gangbangers. He felt he didn't have the support of the police.

Ever see the movie "The Wild One" with Marlon Brando? Hang out at Morse Gyros long enough and you will see gangbangers saunter in just like the motorcycle gang did in that small town. The bangers quickly take the place over. The chefs are too busy filling customer orders and cooking to deal with the trouble. The cooks are outnumbered, tired and overwhelmed. They need help.

There should also be a sign that says no cell phone charging, no loitering and no gangs. Its no secret that the Morse gang likes to come here to chill. Inevitably the rival gang comes looking for them. Are we going to have another Laurie's Pizza incident? Not sure what needs to be done but something has to change at Morse and Wayne before someone gets killed.

4/21/14 1:47 pm - Update - the discussion occurred in unmoderated Facebook. The consensus is that Morse Gyros needs more support from the police department. Violence in Chicago is so bad that the Feds have noticed and are taking action.

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