Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pop-Up Victory Garden

Hello Howard Garden. The wooden posts appeared sometime in the past week; the new signs were posted yesterday. April snow still partially covers the chip piles in front. About half of the chips have been spread around the south end of the grounds. Chicago's finest keep watch over Howard and Ashland.

Not even a month into spring and shootings plus murders have been keeping the cops busy and neighbors worried. Garden grown food, flowers, and increased foot traffic should help reverse some of Howard's negative image and safety concerns. New wooden planters were built on site by gardeners this past Sunday.

Update 4/17/14 8:55 am - The rest of the chips on the north side were spread sometime yesterday.

Victory garden refers to plots of land public and private where was food grown during WWI and WWII. There used to be a victory garden at Peterson and Campbell in the 1940's.

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