Thursday, April 17, 2014

Back By Popular Demand - Sick Fisher @ Sol Cafe

Perfect for that dreary windowless dungeon

The last time Sol Cafe (1615 w Howard) featured Sick Fisher's paintings and work was October 2013 (complete with his magnificent representation of Howard and Marshfield). Easily the best artist to have his or her pieces hosted at the Howard Street cafe (aside from IPaintMyMind ofcourse).
Returning artist Sick Fisher has curated a diverse collection of art from some of Chicago's brightest including paintings, illustrations, cartoons and masks. (Yes, masks)
Judging from his latest works his artistic powers have improved. Hard for galleries to make it on their own save for those catering to the super-rich or well off. Coffeeshops are excellent places for artists to get exposure and build an audience. Hopefully there will be a big soiree at the end.

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Oct 2013

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