Friday, April 18, 2014

Get Ready Rogers Park! Your New Jewel-Osco Is Opening Soon!

Gateway Mall has been a ghost town ever since Dominick's closed this past December. Police routinely patrol the underutilized parking lot. Notices regarding Doms closing date and transfer of scripts to Walgreens are still posted. Not much activity on the property of late. It has been kept free of litter.

If memory serves this writer correct this sign must've been put up today or yesterday. Reassuring to have concrete evidence that the border region of Evanston and Chicago will not be a food desert. A Jewel Osco van was spotted outside the vacant store two weeks after it was finally announced that it was taking over the space. Neighbors breathed a huge sigh of relief as this store's fate hung in limbo for months.

When will the new grocer open its doors? According to Joe Moore's email blast it could be May. Gauging how long its taken for Mariano's to finish their new stores June or July is more realistic.


John Versical said...

Jewel works pretty fast when it comes to rehabs and remodels. I've heard "mid-summer" estimates when the announcement was first made, but later saw a comment from someone who worked at Jewel that said mid-June was the projected opening date.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Mid June would be great. Will be fun to watch this space come back to life. Its been sad having such a large dead zone.

Thanks for the info John!