Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Murder At The Gateway Of Chicago

The reports have been all over the place on this shooting. First three hit, then two hit, now one dead and one seriously injured or one dead and two wounded. Whatever happened there are a ton of bullets for the crime scene investigators to look at.

At St Francis Hospital a Code 67 is paged overhead. Most doctors, nurses and cnas pay no attention. The trauma team readies itself to deal with the aftermath of another Rogers Park shooting.

Howard and Paulina is the last intersection in this part of Chicago proper. And it is one of its most dangerous. This is loitering central. The past few days gang bangers have taken up their usual posts at the currency exchange. In fact during this crime scene investigation there were three kids out past their curfew taking it all in @ the northwest corner of Paulina and Howard.

You can remake a street (streetscape), you can post no loitering signs all over and you can patrol the hell out of it. But it will take more than that to stop the violence.

Update #1 4/8/14 6:30 am - Darnall Gordon died shortly after from a GSW to his chest. Two others 25, 27 were treated for less serious gun shot wounds at St Francis.

Update #2 4/8/14 9:30 am - According to DNAinfo.com last night at 7:40 pm the gunman opened fire on the three victims inside of  Aim Food Mart and Tobacco  (@ 1652 w Howard Street) shattering a store window. This store has opened since the last Google Maps photo.

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