Thursday, April 24, 2014

Chuckhole On Wayne's Brick Road Grows Larger

no parking sign extreme tilt
collateral damage from polar vortex

This unsecured Bessemer Youngstown Ohio brick has been put away for safekeeping. It was in a precarious position when last photographed a few days ago.

One homeowner took Bessemer bricks from a repaving project and used them for a pathway in their garden. Its popular when creating a walkway from old paving bricks to put them lug (engraved) side up.

Nothing beats an old brick road for charm, looks, sound and durability. Better this brick be put back to good use. As it has been these past hundred years. An essential part of Wayne Avenue and Rogers Park.

These potholes will probably be filled in with blacktop. Recent participatory budget money has been set aside for the restoration of Glenwood Ave from Lunt to Farwell. With luck there will be extra money to restore 6900 N Wayne Avenue.

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