Sunday, April 6, 2014

New Listing - Rebuilt Duplex On Farwell

Fire destroyed 1444 w Farwell rose from the ashes this year went on the market one week ago. Strangely the fence hasn't been repaired and sadly the dog on duty gate is missing (hopefully soon to be fixed). Even more bizarre is the sorry state of the front yard and parkway.

Ran out of energy today to pick up the parkway or yard. You can lead by example but that doesn't mean others will follow. The other resident of the salvaged duplex and the duplex to the north and neighbors east, south, west and north have not pitched in to help keep this troubled corner of Rogers Park looking good. More importantly why isn't the owner taking care of his property?

Picking up litter is the fastest way to get to know your neighbors. They will assume you own whatever building wherever you happen to be picking up.

This is the same corner where Bang Da Hitta filmed part of his infamous violent rap video. Rogers Park is not one of those neighborhoods where you can draw an invisible line in your head and not pick up litter past your property line and not take care of your corner. Trouble is attracted to uncared for parkways and streets. But there is still hope. An upstanding responsible citizen may yet inhabit this restored duplex.

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