Sunday, April 6, 2014

Marshfield Avenue - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

This tiny stretch of Marshfield Avenue just south of the new garden space on the old Lerner site is one of the dirtiest in Rogers Park. Bottles, cans and their contents leach through the bottom of the chain link fence onto the street. CTA workers routinely use this little park to walk up to the Red Line. Sometimes they forget to lock the gate.

The litter in this little park has been growing to epic proportions. When was the last time it was picked up? Maybe a decade ago? Took about twenty minutes to pick up this trash saturated street. Even after all the litter was picked up two or three bottles worth of broken glass will have to be swept up later. Not taking care of your street will eventually lead to a flat tire. This street isn't on the street sweeping map. It has been hand picked up the past few years. Will let Ward 49 know about the situation later this week.

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