Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lights Out

This "emergency" stairwell in the Gateway Parking Garage is a horror story waiting to happen. It is routinely used by commuters, visitors, motorists among others. That light on the top is the exit sign. iPhones have decent cameras but still not that great. On the 4s model you can't use the camera and the flashlight at the same time.

You can see that this door has a tendency to not shut all the way. Its chronically cracked open. There is no doorknob on it but one can grab on it from above on the outside.

ICYMI - here's the Facebook post on the foul Gateway Parking elevator now back up and running. Ann Rainey the alderman of the Evanston 8th Ward took note of how nasty it looks (and smells).

Some references (lights out) are a little too old for this writer or most readers.

Please continue reading for lights on  

This is what the exit is supposed to look like. Its the other "emergency" exit on the south east side of the garage. Management was notified today of the situation (877-876-2927).

Its very hard to take pictures of darkness. The following picture is from the darkness looking up.

Make sure to bring a flashlight with you or just avoid the south west exit.

Passerby should make sure the door is shut.

What's that dark spot in the corner?

What that dark spot in the elevator?

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