Friday, March 28, 2014

What Does This Mean?

Besides the frequent shootings (another one today at Morse & Greenview just after noon) one sign that its springtime in Rogers Park, shoes on a wire. Scenes like this let you know that you're back in the hood. Regardless of the numerous theories or possible reasons they are usually found in troubled neighborhoods.

The Broken Heart and RP in 1000 words talked about this phenomenon in 2007. RP in 1000 words referred to the dangling gym shoes as "crack tennies". One pair was located at Touhy and Glenwood and the other in the alley behind Parkway Grill.

?Advertising for dealing, prank, boredom, gang activity, rite of passage, shoefiti, performance art, urban decay, lawlessness, memento?  Mystery Of Flying Kicks explores this urban occurrence via a compilation of different callers' stories, videos and pictures from around the world.

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Zorita Petillo said...

Broken Heart? Hell Hole? 1000 Words is a joke but don't forget The Stench ( and Craig's obsession with farts, sex toys, poop, Tom's sexuality and Lorraine's naughty bits. That was classic Craig.

Tommy Chipgard said...

jim shoes on phone wires means jesus is coming back again and saving us so wear clean underwear evry day if you get rapted up to heaven