Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Imagine No Longer

"The new reason to ride the Red Line all the way"

The team is hard at work on Peckish Pig tonight. A friendly wave from one of the guys inside. Evanston owned commercial property is one step closer to coming off the city books and back to paying taxes.

Rogers Parkers will have more than enough reason to venture over to the Evanston side now. For one you will finally have a place nearby to get your growler refilled. According to Chicago Magazine the brewery will seat 140 indoors and 300 with the outdoor patio. Opening day is still unknown but it can't be too far off with the staff putting long hours to finish up.

(The title of the blog post refers to the city of Evanston's advertising hawking this commercial space (on Howard street that great street). Here's a link to when the place was gutted this past September. Some may forget that this is where the Howard street Buddha first acclimated to city life before the first successful Buddha head transplant in history.)

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Brandt Coetz said...

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Brandt Coetz said...

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