Saturday, January 25, 2014

La Raza Gang Graffiti Lingers At Fargo And Ashland

The west side of Clark Street isn't the only place with winter gang tags.

La Raza likes to gang tag Fargo/Jarvis and Ashland. They've hit V-tone in the past. Rumour has it that the guy who does this doesn't even live in the neighborhood. It was first noticed by this writer on the 12th of January. It was sent into 311's website soon after.

Part of the graffiti is now painted over with white. When graffiti is put onto unpainted brick it is supposed to be removed by Graffiti Blasters strongest stuff - the toxic spray. This writer will resubmit the photos to the city of Chicago and let the Ward 49 office know about it.

Wax on wax off. Its almost a necessary function of the city. Entropy of an urban neighborhood. Some people must apply the vandalism so that others can remove it. We know it can be erased.

Please continue reading to see the graffiti as it looked on the 12th


LaRazaECst said...

La Raza World. ebkk abkk estes n clarkk st. ashland n jarvis. we do this bitch. We Run RogeRz parkk

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

At least the graffiti is finally now gone after the big tour through Ward 49 this week.