Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Parking For Hybrids And Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Uncommon Ground's (located at Glenwood and Devon just south of Rogers Park) solar powered electric car charging stations were fully operational summer of 2013.

Searching the net the first solar powered charging station to open in Chicago was sometime in 2009. Funny thing is all the articles don't specifically mention where its at. And the photos are vague.

Putting solar panels on your garage would cost over twenty grand but would allow one to set up an electric charging station at home. Or just buy a portable self contained solar charging station for forty thousand.

In case you missed the last Chevanston article that highlighted the two Charge Point charging stations at 7474 N Rogers Avenue. The models shown here appear to be the stand up "bollard" models in the same CT2000 family as those near the Howard "L" stop.

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Max Madd said...

Hybrids blow because after 6 years you have to buy a new battery for the electric motor worth around $6000.