Friday, January 24, 2014

More Subzero Weather On The Way?

Farcroft as seen from Birchwood Avenue Tuesday morning after the heavy snowfall. In this writer's opinion the morning after lots of snow is magic. Its the best time to take photos of snow covered cars and trees before the morning commute and sun respectively take their toll. You rediscover your city and neighborhood.

The Onion parodies this phenomenon here. While you're at it check out the Onion's send up of the media's hyping of cold weather; Snowlocaust. By the way the Onion News Network has been on IFC since 2011.

Some forecasts put the low on Monday at negative 17 or 18 (iPhone). Tom Skilling's forecast predicts the lows will be negative 16 on Monday and negative 15 the day after. It makes one wonder how much colder could negative twenties to thirties feel?

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