Friday, January 31, 2014

Sol Cafe - The Coffee Shop Spot On Howard!

This sign must've been installed yesterday. No mention of it yet on their Facebook page. Huge captive audience at the "L" stop waiting for the red, yellow and purple lines this morning. Well they don't know what they're missing if they haven't walked down to Howard and checked out Sol Cafe.

At least once a month this fine coffee shop has a new artist and art show. And you don't have to venture down to Lincoln Park or Bucktown for good donuts on the weekends (Glazed and Infused).

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Brandt Coetz said...

hey remember when you tried to use sol café as your home address so you could get on nextdoor that was pretty funny

Organic peregrine terra cotta locally outsourced maple nut crunch said...

Take your lithium grandpa