Monday, January 13, 2014

Waterfront Cafe

There are some pictures of Waterfront Cafe on the net but most are tightshots and don't really give one a feel of where and what it looks like (especially in the winter). The little beach at Berger park and playground make it a great place to bring kids.

This lakeside restaurant located at the east terminus of Granville will reopen in mid May. Reviewers warn of mosquitoes in the summer. It gets an average of 4 stars with 76 reviews on Yelp.

What this place has going for it more than anything is location.  Driving by this intersection on Sheridan no one would ever guess that such a place even existed. Its hidden and locals like it that way. It's just one "L" stop south of Rogers Park. Another option for lunch and dinner.

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If you have to leave your mark on a stop sign
at least make it decent like this one. (Unlike the previous manifestation)

The glaciers are receding from the coast of Chicago with the warm
temps. Waves have returned to Lake Michigan.

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