Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Through The Lonely Streets Of Rogers Park

Skokie Swift waits its turn @ Rogers Ave bridge

"I lived in Chicago when I was 18. And the problem I had there was that the devil was stronger there than it was here. It was cheaper. It was easier to find. And so Chicago didn't last too long for me. I lived in a neighborhood that was uh... we'll just say it catered to my needs. And this song here. Its the last song on the new record. This is the song about Chicago. Its the only old song on the record. I wrote it when I was 18." Spoken in a southern accent.

Moody song for winter in Rogers Park (by Justin Townes Earle). Hope that more songs are written about our neighborhood. At least more that aren't about die this, die that and gangbanging. Maybe something more upbeat next time? A great song nonetheless. The following lyrics were transcribed and checked against other online sources. Here is the YouTube video. The last stanza is left out. Can't make out the words. Not the most important thing about songs though.

"This town's dead tonight. I got no place to be. Moon is hung just right, shine like diamonds on the street. Red line winding, lonesome. Cutting clean through my heart. In my window smoking while midnight setting in on Rogers Park."

"I come here with hopes and guess I came here with dreams. Now I'm all alone. I can't even get to sleep. So take my heart and break it. Send me back to the bar tap.  Tired of lying awake at night. Shadows on the wall. Feel like I'm running out of time."

"See my dreams before my eyes. Shadows on the wall. I ain't got no place I can fly. Snowing in off the lake. Punching holes in the dark. Through the lonely streets of Rogers Park."

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