Thursday, January 30, 2014

Follow Bill Savage On Twitter!

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with Bill.
But the snow on the back of the "L" train looks cool.

This month Bill Savage began tweeting. Relaying photos of Rogers Park's coast, weather, wildlife, pot holes, graffiti, whatever. If you aren't following Bill then you are missing out on incisive relevant local commentary and news.

His Twitter account gives a great description of what to expect. "Cities, mostly Chicago. Writers, mostly Chicago writers. Neighborhoods, mostly Rogers Park. Sports, mostly baseball. Rogers Park, USA"

Chevanston thanks Bill for all his past submissions, Chibera, Lake Boat, Lunt Fire Aerial View, The Vicious Virgin, Lake Effect Snow, insight on Enjoy North Kenmore Ave While You Can and tips in general.

He officially gave in and joined Twitter January 19th. So there isn't too much to catch up on.


Craig Gernhardt said...

Did you know his brother Dan has like 182,000 followers and 14,000 tweets?

You got some catching up to do. Get tweeting.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Yes he does. Dan had a huge head start though. How long has his column been running in the Reader?

Craig Gernhardt said...

Seems like forever. He is Mr. Sex talk, and sex not only sells; it gets you a huge twitter following.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Wikipedia fills in the knowledge gap. 1991.