Monday, January 6, 2014


Bill Savage submitted this amazing photo entitled Chiberia to Chevanston at 9 am this morning.  "Arctic Sea Smoke, or Siberian Sea Smoke. . . In Rogers Park.  Loyola Avenue. . . "The lake sure doesn't feel warm this time of year but it is in comparison to the the frigid arctic winds from the north.

Lake effect snow and steam are the most common weather phenomenons caused by the cooler air currents travelling over warmer water. Steam devils have been reported (in the past) and photographed over Lake Michigan. It is entirely possible that somewhere out there steam devils lurk. If these kind of temperatures became the new norm the lake will eventually freeze solid.


Craig Gernhardt said...

"Steam Devil's" Really? I had to click the link to believe it.

Are you one of those quacks that may be suggesting that we are experiencing "Global Freezing?"

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Well didnt mean to say they were reported TODAY! But in the past.

I dont think this is the DAY AFTER TOMORROW! I know there is one theory out there that if one of those major volcanoes on Iceland blows the global temps will drop 2 degrees Celsius.

So it is possible

Max Madd said...

Manbearpig wasn't real after all.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

You have heard of the Michigan Triangle..... right Max?