Monday, January 6, 2014

Peckish Pig : Opening Date Still Unknown

We know from their Facebook page that the brew house was installed the middle of last month. Supplies, chairs, counters, boxes are in various states of readiness. They were hoping for a December opening at one point but that obviously didn't happen.

A neighbor asks if he can use his own growler and Peckish Pig replies absolutely. What is a growler? According to Wikipedia its a glass jug (size varies 64 ounces the most common) used to transport beer from breweries or brew pubs. The term dates to the late 19th century when beer was carried in metal pails. USA Today did a piece on this old tradition making a comeback.

Opening date is to be announced. It will be great to have another option for food and beverage on Howard Street. Walking distance for denizens of nearby Rogers Park north or south of Howard.

Update #1 - 1/7/14 2:05 pm -  Chicago Magazine reports that the owners hope for a January opening. So opening day is still TBA but closer to reality.

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