Sunday, January 12, 2014

Report Gang Graffiti Big And Small

7410 N Rogers

Gangster Disciples have to go to Walgreens (Clark and Rogers) to get their medicines and sundries too (especially since Dominick's closed). But the Latin Kings claim Rogers and Clark as their turf. Not much fun having to walk through gang territory on the way to get a script filled.

This illustrates how illogical it is for one gang to claim one area as turf over someone else and vice versa. Because everyone needs to get along here to get what they need done. And nobody wants to get caught in the crossfire over perceived ownership over a corner.

It is human nature to be stubborn. But its still a good idea to keep reporting this most dangerous type of graffiti. How many times do you have to report it? As many times as it takes. Because people kill each other over these territorial markings here in Chicago everyday. You certainly don't see too much of this in our neighboring town Evanston. (Evanston Now writes up an article if someone reports graffiti!)

Click here to get to the city of Chicago's 311 website where you can report graffiti and here is email address of CAPS (Needless to say all gang tags were submitted to each site.)

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7416 N Rogers

7404 N Rogers
7415 N Rogers

7415 N Rogers
7423 N Rogers

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