Thursday, January 2, 2014

Lake Effect Snow

Scene this morning at Leone Park Beach just east of Touhy Avenue's terminus.  This morning a policeman was busy writing tickets to motorist who had left their cars parked along Sheridan. Definitely a snow route day.

Lake effect snow warning is in effect until 6 pm tonight for Cook County. Snow has been drifting with the winds making it difficult for drivers to leave their alleys. At least a foot of snow has fallen in Rogers Park since New Year's Eve. The city has done an excellent job keeping the major roads clear and driveable.

Update #1 - 1/2/14 5:13 pm - Added Bill Savage's photo of Lake Michigan from today.

Please continue reading for more pictures and snow route map (no parking when over two inches of snowfall) for Rogers Park (and to see highrise view of Lake Michigan)

Bill Savage's photo of Lake Michigan

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