Friday, January 30, 2015

Living In A Post Foot Locker World

Foot locker has met the same fate as Shiekh. A Nike box lies dead on the Evanston side. A casualty of the move out. Have no fear; plenty of places (seven) for footgear on Howard. 

Laced Up, Villa, J-Bees, P and J Footwear, Athlete's Foot, Payless Shoe Source, Marshalls.

Maybe in its place a bookstore, movie theater, greasy spoon, thai food, mountain or prairie gear store, hardware store? Or other main street mainstays like butcher, candlestick maker, jeweler, blacksmith, cobbler? About half of Howard's commercial strip is unoccupied. But there is at least the requisite mattress outlet. 

A playhouse (Factory Theater) is moving to Howard. Another excuse for folks to get off the EL and check out the North Pole. Currently Sol Cafe, Lost Eras, Roman Susan Annex, and Peckish Pig are justification enough to visit the city limits by the lake.

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