Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bleached Beyond Recognition

Exiting the Jarvis Red-line a tall green metal box welcomes you to Rogers Park. Informing passerby, tourist, newcomer, old timer alike of the area's history. The structure itself is fine. A gift from Elite Welding and Car Repair (so proclaimed Joe Moore early in Richard M Daley's reign, when he was in shape and had hair).

Like the Farwell Pier the kiosk light is sometimes operational and sometimes not. One side welcomes you to Rogers Park with very bleached picture of Farwell Pier from the 1920's. The other side contained a brief account of the past two hundred years (courtesy of the West Ridge / Rogers Park Historical society). It also contained a picture of the original inhabitants (the Pottawatomie) and a modern survey.

Right now because of sun damage and moisture the side with RP's bona fides and its cartogram is illegible. Someone lost on Jarvis would receive no help or orientation. Time for Ward 49 and the WR/RP historical society to print up a new introduction and you are here map.

By the way, there is a sticker putter in the neighborhood who wants you to throw out all your religious thoughts and books with the rubbish.

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