Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Respect Our Community - Do Not Litter (Even In Winter)

These signs are definitely an Edgewater phenomenon. There was another one to the east at Kenmore and Glenlake. Easy to forget that litter louts don't take a day off in the winter. Snow may be on the ground but...... hiding under the surface waiting for the slowed down water molecules to warm up and evaporate is a months worth of garbage.

Quite a few corners in Rogers Park could use these reminders and a couple of garbage cans. Ward 49 has a spring clean up which has been a tradition for years. As more and more people take care of their community's litter on a daily basis such events will seem quaint and out of date. We shouldn't wait until early April to pick up a winter's worth of trash on the parkway.

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Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Check out the Litter Louts of Highfields, Leicester.

What if we had a Litter Lout Page for Chicago? Or The RP?