Friday, January 9, 2015

1706 w Wallen Avenue

CHA property (current or former?) on Wallen has been under going renovations since June 2014. The work inside continues into the new year. Building looks sharp with new black trim windows. Its next door to the former Ghost Pepper Creative Arts Agency (link has pic of this building boarded up). If this is indeed a six unit building then the units are very large. Homes by Marco lists this as a tax exempt home.

Google Maps latest drive by in September 2014 saw some men digging a hole in the front lawn with a sawzall laying on the ground still plugged into the building. (Note this alley is special. It is bounded by City Code 27-223)

Some info you need a password or membership to see the data. Funny thing is Google still reveals enough of the link to provide some insight on this property. "Building Permits at 1706 W Wallen Ave, Chicago, IL 60626 1706 W Wallen Ave was remodeled 2 times in the last 6 years, with a total of $680000 spent. The biggest job was $662000: Cha project: interior renovation of 6 ..."

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