Monday, January 26, 2015

525 W Howard Street Evanston, Illinois

still waiting for something to happen

The only thing missing from Coldwell Banker's site advertising this property is a night photo. Which brings to mind an important question. When is Google Maps putting out a night edition? Things look a lot different when the sun goes down. This is important for posterity and orientation.

This building has been for sale on and off since Google Maps first street capture in August 2007. The last time someone occupied this storefront it was a light fixture store that folded right around the real estate collapse in 2008. So it wasn't there long. And there was an Infinite Light bookstore in 2006.

There are a couple posters with prayers from Francis of Assisi. Perhaps left over from the bookstore or some church? Plenty of folks live in the area that have to drive or take the "L" south or north to shop due to lack of local options. Remember don't let your dogs poop in the back parking lot.

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