Sunday, January 4, 2015

Rogers Park's Branch Of The Little Free Library

Charter Number 11908
Take a Book Return a Book

How does this library work? (seen here in Sept 2014)

This Little Free Library offers a way to share good things to read - favorite books from your childhood or books you would recommend to friends, books that teach, intrigue and engage you.

Whose library is this? It belongs to everybody - neighbors, friends and people we don't even know yet. Anyone can use it. That's why we want to take care of it. 

Take a book. If you see something you would like to read, take it. Look inside and see who gave it, who else has read it. 

Share it. Return it to any Little Library or pass it on to a friend.

Give books. Leave notes in them, be a friend of all libraries by helping anyway you can. Pay it forward!

We support reading for children, literacy for adults and libraries around the world. 

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Everyone knows about B1e Gallery's unofficial community library on Glenwood (see last picture). The door went missing long ago. Currently it has three or four books.

The Larry Deysach Library is well stocked and its door keeps the books dry. Library stewards are named on the post; Dawne, Searah, and Asa. The LGD Memorial (Little Free) Library honors its namesake. On the fundraising page the delivery date of the library was estimated to be December 2013 and January 2014. So this library is just turning one years old.

There are six other Little Free Libraries in a three square mile radius. did a write on Bridgeport's. If you happen to be bookless and bored trudging along north north Ravenswood stop by and take a look. Too many books? Make the trek and donate some tomes.

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