Saturday, January 10, 2015

Three Car Crash On Sheridan

One lane of traffic was blocked south of Birchwood this morning after a car smashed into the parkway. Two other cars were hit. We don't have a resident Bill Smith or Evanston Now in Rogers Park so something has to fill the void. Why aren't big accidents being covered south of Howard or Juneway Terrace? City driving is way worse than it is in the burbs. Accepted norms are different in Evanston and Rogers Park. Auto crashes aren't reported on unless you hit a cop car, someone dies or is critically injured or its a drive by shooting.

The lady in the picture tried to intimidate Chevanston's on scene photographer. This isn't your own private car crash. If major damage is done to parked cars and is causing traffic problems its public knowledge. Why did this accident happen? Was it because of a talking on a cell phone or texting? Was it driving too fast for conditions? We need traffic calming and more enforcement on Sheridan before pedestrians and drivers alike are hurt and killed.

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