Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Sea Is Coming For Your Car!

Parking at the dead end of 1200 E Jarvis rewards your car (for all its hard work surviving city driving,etc, etc) with a great view. Its also a fantastic place to read the newspaper as your auto warms up. 

Best to heed the  "WARNING" as your turn into Jarvis' easternmost block. For there be "Dangerous Waves" and if you park here you "Park At Your Risk". Remember, "No Free City Tows."!

There must have been an incident that required city tow truck intervention.This is a frozen car in Chicago and this isn't. Beside being stuck in a hellacious blizzard on LSD the most likely place that your car would ice over is Jarvis Beach (soon to be Marion Mahoney Griffin Beach). 

Please continue reading for more pictures and video

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