Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How Low Will It Go?

Take the "L" or fill your heap with black gold?

Gasohol now sells for about half it did in 2008. The average then 4.227.

On the Chicago gas price map Evanston is red hot. Not because its a good deal or demand is high. Its the most expensive area to fuel up. By and large the more car dependent an area the cheaper the gas and vice versa.

Chicagoland is pretty sprawled out. If the internet gas spotters are reporting correctly the spread between high and low is almost two bucks. 3.89 a gallon on the west side of Chicago and 1.87 out in Romeoville.

Fracking has broken the big oil producers strangle hold on gas prices. Charge too much and the free market finds new sources. Dinosaurs lived everywhere. Its just a little harder to extract the gooey remains here. Read Time magazine for more analysis and info.

Wall Street Journal prints the obvious article on how this will hit Big Transit.

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