Tuesday, January 27, 2015

People Mover @ Howard EL Almost Back In Action

Through the open ceiling of the makeshift clapboard moving stairs churned this forenoon.

The magic companionway is well-nigh fully operational. One of Chevanston's shadow partners fell into a time portal. He (formerly known as Merek) was aghast when first confronted with voltaic steps. Even those from Medieval times eventually adjust.

If you choose to drive through Paulina's northbound (bus only) lane (like the gutsy grey car parked in front of the CTA van) please do so slowly. Like six miles an hour maximum. There should be an undercover at the DD's with a radar gun to make sure that city workers, buses and scofflaws alike aren't over doing it.

Tip of the day. If someone asks you "Can I ask you a question?" and you reply no, you aren't obligated to answer the forthcoming question.

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