Monday, January 19, 2015

Off Season For Runge Roach Racing

Mickee (number 10) dreams of the carnage that lies ahead. Demolition derby season is short and tough. The survivors are rebuilt to battle another day. The losers are sent to the junk yard for scrap metal.

A mid January thaw warm melts the snow early in winter hibernation. Mickee yawns and takes in the sights and sounds of the auto yard. The Skokie Swift waits its turn at the Rogers Ave bridge. Big van tells Mickee about the Holiday Train and some car chases. The Toyota with a broken axle regales the crowd with tales of a recent joyride.

Mickee goes through at least a couple tires each contest. The trailer is equipped with a complete set of replacement tires and a spare. In the quiet between the occasional parley Mick reviews derbies of days gone by and strategy. This year is gonna be his year.

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