Sunday, August 24, 2014

Say Goodbye To The Witch's Hat Garage

Someone doesn't want this garage around anymore. The notice is a joke. Hardly could you find a more sturdy car barn in Rogers Park. The structure is more solid than the house itself. The side gate by the driveway has been open and unlocked for a few weeks now. The door to the garage was unlocked, the screws holding the fastener with the padlock were removed as were the the screws to the alley gate's latch. Yet there is a brand new lock on the shed behind the garage.

Time to pay your respects. City of Chicago demo notice was posted almost a week ago. Whoever was supposed to respond only had three days. It appears that whoever owns the house (the bank) is having the city do its dirty work for them. Uncommon to find a one car garage of such an age in such good shape. Check it out soon.

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Philip McGregor Rogers said...

The garage isn't in dire need of tuckpointed except its chimney.

Amazing it still has a chimney! Pretty weird for a garage to even have a chimney. Guess in the old days you would set a fire to keep ye old automobile warm in the winter?

Bob fortune said...

This garage needs a serious overhaul. From tuckpointing to washing and painting and then I’m sure demolition of the garage wouldn’t be required.