Thursday, August 7, 2014

Parking Pandemonium

Western Jargowood lately has been up for grabs when it come to parking. Here you have a car up on a curb in a no parking zone (by Rogers Avenue "L" viaduct) within site of Gateway Parking Garage.

When people park this bad you have to wonder if this is a stolen or abandoned car. Is the guy a criminal? If you don't take care of your neighborhood bad things happen. And if you don't notify the authorities when things look hinky people get away with murder.

At the time of this photo the police were on scene across the street on a separate call. Passerby assumes that no ones gives a crap when cars are parked any which way.

This writer spoke to Equitable Services Inc about the red car. They didn't think it was a big deal. Hopefully in the future they will take more interest in their immediate area.

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Intersection of Marshfield and Rogers

Don't like how a taxi is parked? Just call their dispatch and let them know. Each taxi has its own number. Dispatch will call them and tell them to move.

Down below is same old story. Car parked at Marshfield and the Dubkin park alley (which also happens to be a tow zone). These three super obvious violations were observed and reported this morning. Guess the Gateway Parking Garage five minutes away was completely full?

In case you didn't know Pandemonium is the capital of Hell.

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